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THE STANDARD SINCE 2009, THE WOLFGANG TELEMONITOR® , is a teleprompter for musicians designed to help improve your performances on stage or in the studio.  If you need some assistance with your lyrics, music or text, or maybe it is occasionally just the first line of the second verse, the Wolfgang TELEMONITOR® is for you.  It will help you get everything you can from your performance.  All of our Wolfgang TELEMONITOR® products are available worldwide with our EXTension models starting at $700.


Wolfgang TELEMONITOR - Standard with Telescoping Handle

The Standard Wolfgang TELEMONITOR® Wedge


The Quickest and Best way to find out about all of our products is to give us a call TOLL FREE at 800-841-9960 or +1 913-239-9299.  The phones are open 24 x 7 x 365 (Holidays too!!!) to answer your questions, take your order if you are ready to purchase, or take a voice message to allow someone to contact you soon.  You will talk with someone with intimate knowledge of our entire product line, and best of all none of us bite.  A second best alternative is to navigate through our website to see our products, read about them, and we believe most if not all your questions will be answered by our sites content.  Either way works, or maybe some combination is right for you.  We hope to talk soon and as always – Rock On…


The TELEMONITOR is designed to prompt performers with lyrics, music, text or almost any information you can load into your file, while on stage or in a studio.  Most of our customers refer to the TELEMONITOR only when they need assistance – it helps them get them through any rough patch they may have with their lyrics.  The TELEMONITOR will improve your performances!!!  It can display the lyrics or text in whatever font size you desire on its 22″ screen, and you can change the font size as your eyes are challenged by additional years of use.  Different than iPad or tablet teleprompters – our screen is much larger allowing for more information to be displayed on the screen and has much larger font options.


To read the words that our customers have used in describing their experience with the TELEMONITOR click here and read Our RECENT TESTIMONIALS.


Basically, you create a song file that is used to display any content you want on the TELEMONITORs display screen.  The file is very easy to prepare, all you have to do is copy and paste the lyrics you probably already have in some sort of digital format or software into the included standard Software.  The standard Software is Compatible with Mac (64 Bit OS) and Windows Environments.  Then just a few tweaks to the font to meet your personal font and screen layout needs and you are using the system on stage.

It is a very easy to operate alternative to a traditional teleprompter systems for performance venues.   It only requires a few minutes to set it up for any event.  The prepared text or lyrics is displayed on a 22 inch diagonal flat screen positioned for a portrait (or landscape) presentation to the user.  The screen can be easily viewed while standing behind a microphone or from anywhere on stage to make sure the prepared text or song is delivered just as you desire.  In addition – the Wedges do not look like a music stand or a lectern; they look just like a floor wedge audio monitor.  Our stage wedge teleprompter is virtually stealth sitting up there on stage.

You control the song being displayed by using the included 2 pedal configurable footswitch during performances (or optional 4 pedal configurable footswitch).  You can also use the included wireless keyboard, although it is typically only used to do the initial set up of the TELEMONITOR for a gig.  By the way the wireless keyboard can be used to enter your lyrics into your song file if necessary, but not recommended – it is much easier and more comfortable to prepare your file on any laptop or desktop PC you already have, and then move it to your TELEMONITOR.


The TELEMONITOR (originally seen at NAMM), is a Teleprompter or Autocue that works as well at the front of a church as it does on the stage in a crowded night club, or for that matter, on a stadium stage.  Any time or place where a stage prompter is needed – the Wolfgang TELEMONITOR® is THE piece of kit for you.  It sets up in minutes, and it is very portable – you can bring it to any event whenever you need it.  Additionally, several monitors can be linked together to allow for anybody to refer to the lyrics from anywhere on stage.  We have hundreds of TELEMONITORS out there working hard everyday for bands, actors, performers and ministers around the globe.  Incidentally, it works indoors in dark lighting or outdoors on a sunny day without any visibility issues – you can use it at every gig.  Our Wide View EXTension Model is a favorite for Karaoke.


We have a few different models.  Our most popular is the Standard Classic with the Battery Backup Option.  It is fully equipped and has a portrait oriented display.  Similar is the Standard Wide View, also fully equipped with a landscape oriented display (See Below).  You can also get EXTension models with either a portrait or landscape display.  They look just like the Standard Classic or Standard Wide View and are used as extension monitors from a remote PC, either in a fully equipped Wolfgang TELEMONITOR® or another PC, like our Remote Station or a PC you provide.  You can have many monitors on stage, all connected together, displaying your lyrics.

We also have two flavors of Android Wolfgang TELEMONITORs®.   Both are portrait oriented screens, one with an 18.5″ diagonal Touch Screen in a similar cabinet is our Standard Classic, and one with a 22″ diagonal regular screen in the same cabinet as our Standard Classic.

We have also provided configurations that include Stand Mounted TELEMONITORs or Tablet versions too – They are not standard products but we have some price competitive custom solutions that may interest you.

The Wide View Wolfgang TELEMONITOR®


Every Standard Wolfgang TELEMONITOR® Wedge includes a wireless keyboard, a two pedal foot-switch (a handheld device can be substituted for the footswitch if desired, and a four pedal foot-switch is optionally available), WIFI, and a Plexiglas shield, (We Highly Recommend the installed Battery Backup which is optionally available).  In addition there is a rugged removable door panel lid that covers the display during transport.  The cabinet has a SUPER RUGGED polymer exterior finish, too.

The wedge cabinet is constructed with 9 and 13 ply Baltic Birch plywood and solid wood materials to stand up to the harsh world of performing (Although it is not recommended to throw the TELEMONITOR around like some speaker cabinets are treated).   The Standard Wolfgang TELEMONITOR cabinet has active cross flow ventilation (Operating Temperature Range 50 to 100 degrees F).  The active cross flow ventilation is not necessary in our Android Wolfgang TELEMONITOR®, but does have passive cross flow ventilation.

Optionally, we have integrated a Telescoping Handle and Roller Wheels to let you move your TM around exactly like a piece of roll around luggage (not available on Wide or Android Touch models).

The Wedge with Telescoping Handle and Roller Wheels


Our customers include:  singer-songwriters, bands, business speakers, ministers, pastors, actors, performers, politicians, karaoke performers and just about anybody that delivers prepared text or lyrics to an audience.  Any time or place where a stage prompter is necessary – our TELEMONITORs will do the trick.  You will find it is much more than just a music display – for the musician it revitalizes your performance by allowing you to add new material quicker or dig out those old ones and do them again.  For the pastor or other speech givers and performers – it allows you to deliver your message without a hand full of paper notes and with the confidence you desire.


The Wolfgang TELEMONITOR® is not a teleprompter like other teleprompters.  This one is designed and built by musicians for musicians – Custom Made in America with pride for you. Extremely easy to use, looks like all the other gear on stage, is very economical and self-contained.  So if you need a little “lyric or text assistance” every now and then – call us to find out more about The Wolfgang TELEMONITOR® call us at 1-800-841-9960.

So why look for a teleprompter to rent when you can have a Wolfgang TELEMONITOR® for about the same coin others charge for TWO DAYS of rental.  Check out our Pricing and the various options you have for our complete product line.  And remember STANDARD Shipping to anywhere in the US Contiguous 48 states is FREE for all of our models.

You can be the next owner of one of these Teleprompter / TELEMONITORS today.   You can purchase one by calling us, we will first understand your needs and then suggest the model best for you.  We will also provide availability and delivery estimates when you call.  We always have some in stock, we typically can ship them within 8 hours.  Call us anytime at 1-800-841-9960 or 913-239-9299 (lines open 24×7, Weekends and Holidays too) or email us at .


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