Tablet Wolfgang TELEMONITOR®

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Tablet Wolfgang TELEMONITOR®


Standard Features:

  • 11″ Diagonal Display
  • Rugged Tablet holder to connect to Mic Stand (Mic Stand NOT INCLUDED)
  • 10 point capacitive TOUCH SCREEN
  • Windows 7
  • WIFI equipped
  • Bluetooth equipped
  • 2 Pedal wireless Bluetooth Foot-switch or 2 Pedal Wired Foot-switch or optional 4 Pedal Wired Foot-switch for Set List Control
  • Standard Set Control Software installed

Factory Direct Base Price → $675 

includes Free Shipping in USA Lower 48 States


 Additional Available Equipment:

  • Wireless Keyboard – $50
INTERNATIONAL POWER – The Wolfgang TELEMONITOR® is configured for the standard USA Power arrangement – 110V/60Hz Power.     Use in locations outside of North America  sometimes require modifications to the Battery Backup (removal or replacement with a different unit) and different Power Cords for proper operation.  We will configure the power for any location with the appropriate modifications.  These modifications in some cases cause very slight shipping delays and add a small additional cost.  We will discuss your needs when you call us and determine if there is any modifications required and what the charges are, if any.  International Power modification typically does NOT include a Battery Backup.  Additionally, preparing a TELEMONITOR for dual operation can be accomplished (it will work in North America and other parts of the world) but when used on 220-240V/50Hz these modifications will NOT include a Battery Backup.  We need to understand all your needs to be able to explain how things will work in different areas of the globe.

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