The Wolfgang TELEMONITOR® is available in four standard types – the traditional Classic Wedge configuration, and the Wide View Wedge configuration, and a few ANDROID versions, all designed for on-stage positioning.  We also have a TM Remote Station.  It is an Offstage Controller station designed to control on-stage devices from the front of house, backstage, or some other location.  We also work with customer to integrate equipment they already have, like laptop or desktop PCs, into TELEMONITOR configurations.  There is a website page dedicated to each product family.  All our standard products are compatible with Mac or Windows environments.

Our Original Floor Wedge configuration is what we call the Standard Wolfgang TELEMONITOR® – Classic (portrait oriented screen).  It is shown below and you can see more about it on the Floor Wedge Model Page.


The Wolfgang TELEMONITOR® Standard – Classic Floor Wedge Model

A second wedge TELEMONITOR that we produce, is the TELEMONITOR Wide View Wedge.  It is shown here and you can see more about it on the Wide View Wedge Page.  This product is kept in limited supplies and therefor may require a special order that may take up to 6 weeks to fulfill. Our wide view EXTension is the a favorite used in conference rooms as a Confidence Monitor (it can be configured with the standard VGA connection or an optional DVI connection).

The Wolfgang TELEMONITOR® Wide View Wedge Model

The ANDROID Wolfgang TELEMONITOR is also in a Floor Wedge configuration, very similar to the Standard Wolfgang TELEMONITOR® – Classic (portrait oriented screen).  It is shown below and you can see more about it on the its dedicated page.

ATM Cover Off Front

The ANDROID Wolfgang TELEMONITOR® – Classic Orientation

The Offstage Controller station is shown here and now available.  Take a look at the Offstage Controller page to find out more about what it is and how it works.

The Wolfgang TELEMONITOR® – Remote Station Model

Call us at 1-800-841-9960 if you would like configurations that include Custom solutions to your special needs.   They are not standard products but we can create some price competitive custom solutions that may interest you.

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