TM Accessories & Services

To Augment our main product line – the Wedge TELEMONITORs – we provide customers with a variety of accessories or customer options.  The big ones are the Road Cases and Software, and we have dedicated pages on our site to describe more about them.  We also can provide you with accessories to use with your TELEMONITOR – cable, hand held remotes, additional processors, wireless keyboards or foot-switches (for spare).

If you need any additional Foot Pedals or Wireless Keyboards – we always have them in stock.   Check out our pricing page for current pricing (the prices are in the Options area).  We also can provide packages that will allow for you to connect the TELEMONITOR to additional TELEMONITORs or displays that we provide or you provide – this is the Repeater Package.  We typically have Cable in stock at very competitive prices to connect your setup together.  We have Handheld Controllers too – these provide similar control to the lyric/text file as does the Foot Pedals.

We also have services that we provide to help you prepare you files – check out our Services page.

And if you want to Trade-In or Upgrade your TM to latest technologies give us a call.



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