Road Case

You may also want to consider getting a Road Case for your TELEMONITOR.  It provides for an additional measure of protection, and allows for packing on a truck for large National or International acts.  We have discontinued selling Road Cases directly and will be using Viking Case, a major case manufacturer, to fulfill the orders directly (Changed 2/2/2017).

This is a custom made Road Case for the Wolfgang TELEMONITOR®.  It is a rugged Road Case that will fit your Standard  and EXTension Classic TELEMONITORs like a glove (not available for Wide Screen at this time).  This ATA case will be protecting your valuable piece of equipment in a metal reinforced case, consisting of 1/4″ or 1/2″ plywood laminated with a High Impact Industrial Grade ABS Plastic.  It has Butterfly Twist Latches, Handles, and 4″ Combo Locking Casters.  All for about $505 plus shipping for the 1/4″ case and $550 plus shipping for the 1/2″ case (and Sales Tax for those cases delivered in Florida, Indiana, and Kansas).

This Case is certain to protect your TELEMONITOR from the rigors of the road.  Call us here at Main Street Dream Makers LLC, at 800-841-9960 to order one today.  We will want to know which one you want (1/4″ or 1/2″ Construction) for your Wolfgang TELEMONITOR® (Standard and EXTension Classic models Only).  We will be able to give you the current pricing.  If you decide to proceed with the order we will get a shipping and delivery timing estimates, so you can make your final decision to proceed with the order.

Call us at 800-841-9960  to start the process Today

Below are several pictures showing a similar case and its various features.


Similar to the Wolfgang TELEMONITOR® Road Case

Similar to the Wolfgang TELEMONITOR® Road Case

Similar to the Wolfgang TELEMONITOR® Road Case


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