File Prep Services

We offer a SERVICE to all TELEMONITOR customers.  We have named this service TELEMONITOR DISPLAY FILE PREPARATION. Some of our customers have asked us to help them prepare the files they use for their performances.

Whether you are a singer, pastor, or performer we understand you may need a little help in preparing the display file for the TELEMONITOR to get ready for an important performance. We will do this for you if you want us to.  We will take almost any form of input – Microsoft Word files, OpenOffice Writer files, TXT files and many other computer formats as well as printed pages.  Basically, you will send us the files(via email) and we will take the file information and transfer the text into the TELEMONITOR presentation software.  You can also send us pages with handwritten or printed text (via mail or email) and we will transfer the information accurately into the presentation software.  We will format it to your font and display requirements, and we will then return the file to you for testing and approval.  If there are any tweaks that need to be made to the file we will work with you until we get it just right for the performance.

You can also have us make any modifications or additions to your files as your repertoire becomes larger.  If at any time you need assistance with your presentation files we will be here to help you.

Pricing for this service is:

$35/hour for Standard Delivery*

$60/hour for Rush Delivery**

*Standard Delivery is 5-7 day turn around for initial test/approval delivery (minimum 1 hour)

**Rush Delivery is 1-2 day turn around for initial test/approval delivery (minimum 1 hour)



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