Trade-In/Upgrade/Buy Back

We also offer Trade-In, Upgrade and Buy Back Programs to our customers.  Below describes the programs – Call if you have any questions.

TRADE-IN:  If you have a TELEMONITOR purchased from us,  call us and we will have you send us some pictures so we can give you a quick estimate of the amount of credit you could expect (this is not a firm commitment – the TELEMONITOR must make it through the shipping process without additional wear and tear or damage).  You then ship the equipment to us, we will look over your equipment and offer you a firm amount for the credit (the size of the credit depends on the units condition)  that you can use for the purchase of our most current models.

UPGRADE:   If you own any of our TELEMONITORs, you can send them back to us and for a very fair price we will upgrade and factory rehab and refurbish your TELEMONITOR to the latest equipment technologies inside your current cabinet.  Including Mac Processors, souped up Windows Processors, and/or Windows 7 if you desire.  We will touch up the cabinet too.  Call for pricing.  We can also upgrade the cabinet to a current model if you desire.  This isn’t for everybody, but we offer this service if you decide to upgrade.  Pricing will vary based upon the items you desire to be upgraded and ones that can be reused.

BUY BACK:  If you own one of our products and decide you do not need it anymore, give us a call and we will discuss the units condition.  We will have you send us some pictures that should allow us determine a Floor Offer.  We will provide that Floor Offer to you over the phone or by email.  If you agree with our offer, you then ship the TELEMONITOR to us (shipping and sufficient packaging for safe transport are your responsibility).  If it arrives without damage we will at a minimum send our Floor Offer to you.  We may send  more if the units condition justifies an increase.  After we receive your TELEMONITOR and check it over we will send you a check.

IMPORTANT:  For all three of the above programs you are responsible for the shipping costs to our assembly site and return shipping to you (if any) is on us.  It is important to remember shipping the unit back to us requires secure packaging to assure no damage is sustained during the shipping process.  Any existing damage and damage that occurs during shipping will affect the units value and the amount we give to you in credit or in payment.



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