TM Custom Solutions

The folks here at Main Street Dream Makers LLC who build the Wolfgang TELEMONITOR® know that some customers have specific needs and great suggestions for our products.  This allows us to continually introduce the suggestions we receive, some as permanent upgrades to existing standard models, and some as custom solutions for specific customers.

If you have any ideas that our standard products do not address, give us a call and you can see what we may have planned or we can give you a history of some of the special orders we have filled for customers.  We don’t keep these Custom Solutions on the shelf like our Standard Products, although we can typically ship most Custom Built Solutions within five to thirty days of receiving the order.

Call us at 1-800-841-9960 if you would like any of these configurations or any other configurations you may have some suggestions for.  As we stated we can provide these Custom Solutions at very competitive prices.

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