TM Remote Station – Offstage

The Wolfgang TELEMONITOR® Remote Station (Offstage Controller) is a completely self-contained station that is used to drive one or many TELEMONITOR EXTs or other monitors (custom TELEMONITOR Stand versions, etc.) from a location not on stage.  This is a typical setup used by larger national and international acts that have the crew to manage their teleprompter needs from the front of house or backstage.  In the standard configuration it can drive 3 onstage EXTensions.  It comes with a wireless keyboard/mouse, a 22″ diagonal monitor, a processor and our standard software offering.  The rig is VERY easy to setup – all you have to do is set it on a table or desk top, plug it in, turn it on, and go.  It is very easy to move with its built in carrying handle, operates the system just like our Standard TELEMONITORs, has the same software options available, and is affordable.



A Side View Showing Keyboard in Position for Use

A View Showing Keyboard Stored

A View from the Top Showing the Carrying Handle

This is perfect for any singer, band or pastor that wants to leave the control of their teleprompter needs to the crew.  It is 100% compatible with all our products and we have one ready for you today.  Give us a call at 1-800-841-9960 TOLL FREE and we can discuss your needs to determine the Wolfgang TELEMONITOR® configuration that will best serve you.  The Wolfgang TELEMONITOR® (Autocue) can help with any lyric assistance you may need.   Go to our Pricing Page or How to Purchase Page for additional information.



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