Below are questions and answers to some of the most Frequently Asked Questions we have received:



A-To read the words that our customers have used in describing their experience with the TELEMONITOR click here to read Our RECENT TESTIMONIALS.


1.  Q-How do I order a Wolfgang TELEMONITOR®?

A-Call Us Anytime day or night (24x7x365) to order one of these  Wolfgang TELEMONITORs® – at 1-800-841-9960 Toll Free or +1 913-239-9299.  

It may sound kind of old fashioned.  We like to discuss all the features, operation and support that we provide with everybody that buys or wants to buy one of our TELEMONITORs.  We like to make sure all our customers have the necessary information  required to make sure the TELEMONITOR is the right product for your needs.  A conversation on the phone can make sure we cover  all the bases.  Call us and we will work with you to configure the right Wolfgang TELEMONITOR® for you.

2.  Q-Do you have any rental units?

A-No we do not have rental units at this time.  Our product purchase pricing is lower than a two day rental from some Teleprompter providers.  We also have a 14 day return policy if you are not satisfied with your TELEMONITOR.  

You may want to look at look at one of our Specials or B-Stock inventory if you want to extend your purchasing power. 

3.  Q-Do you have any B-Stock or Special units available?

A-We occasionally have Specials that are advertised on our website.  

We may also have B-Stock units for sale.  These are repurchased/refurbished units, demonstration units or prototype units that become available at different times that we can sell for significant discounts from our new units.  Warranties for these units vary.


4.  Q-Does the Wolfgang TELEMONITOR® have a computer?

A-Our Standard Wolfgang TELEMONITORs® are equipped with an internal PC running a Windows 7 Operating System on a Single or Dual Core Processor, with either a minimum 30 GB Solid State Drive or a 160 GB Hard Drive, with a minimum 1 GB of RAM, WIFI and a 22″ Display.

Our Android Wolfgang TELEMONITORs® have an Android processor.  The Android Touch has an integral 18.5″ Android Tablet mounted in the TELEMONITOR cabinet.  The Android Standard has a separate Android processor mounted inside the cabinet, very similar to our Standard Wolfgang TELEMONITOR®.

The Remote Station OTR (Offstage) is equipped similarly with the only exception it has a 22″ Display.

The EXTension model is not equipped with an internal PC and does have a 22″ Display.

5.  Q-What is a Wolfgang TELEMONITOR® EXTension?

A-The EXTension, for some customers, is used to connect to a Standard Wolfgang TELEMONITOR® and both units display exactly the same thing.  Other customers use EXTension models with our Offstage OTR model.  The EXTension can easily be connected to your own PC too – Our wide view EXTension is the a favorite used in conference rooms as a Confidence Monitor (it can be configured with the standard VGA connection or an optional DVI connection).

6.  Q-What is a Wolfgang TELEMONITOR® Remote Station OTR?

A-The OTR is portable PC/Monitor combination (with a 22″ Display) that is used to control an EXTension or several EXTensions from somewhere offstage.  Typically it is positioned either back stage or in the Front of House.  It allows for the technician controlling the lyrics/text progression from a remote location while seeing exactly what is displayed on stage to the performer(s).

7.  Q-What is the difference between the Wide View and Classic TELEMONITOR wedges?

A-There is little difference between the two models internally.  The big difference is the Wide View has a Landscape oriented display and the Classic has a Portrait oriented display.


8.  Q-How much does a Wolfgang TELEMONITOR® weigh?

A-The Standard Wolfgang TELEMONITOR® in both the Wide View and Classic models weigh approximately 40 pounds.

The EXTension Wolfgang TELEMONITOR® in both the Wide View and Classic models weigh approximately 40 pounds.

When equipped with the Telescoping Handle and Wheels option our Standard Wolfgang TELEMONITOR® Classic Models weigh approximately 50 pounds.

The OTR weighs approximately 16 pounds.

9.  Q-What are the dimensions of the Wolfgang TELEMONITOR®?

A-Cabinet/Enclosure dimensions STANDARD, Android Standard and Android Touch Wedge – 25″ deep, 14.75″ wide and 17.75″ high

Cabinet/Enclosure dimensions Wide View Wedge – 19″ deep, 21.5″ wide, and 16.5″ high

10.  Q-Can the Wolfgang TELEMONITOR Wide View wedge come with the Telescoping Handle and Wheel Option?

A-Unfortunately, no, we cannot equip the Wide View with that option.

11.  Q-Does the Telescoping Handle and Wheels Option detach from the Wolfgang TELEMONITOR® Classic wedge?

A-No this option is built right into the cabinet.

12.  Q-Can the Audience see the Telescoping Handle and Wheels option hardware?

A-The related hardware is very discreet and unintelligible to the audience.

13.  Q-Why would I want the Telescoping Handle and Wheels option?

A-It is provided to assist with moving the unit in and out of performance venues and is a very popular option.

14.  Q-How much does the Telescoping Handle and Wheels option cost?

A-The Telescoping Handle and Wheel option is an additional $125.

15.  Q-Is the TELEMONITOR compatible with different power needs around the globe?

A-Yes.  If we ship the TELEMONITOR to your country it will be equipped to plug into the voltage/current rating for your country – there is no additional charge for this.  We can also provide converter units that allow for use of US equipped units globally – there is an additional charge for the converter.  SPECIFICALLY FOR INTERNATIONAL POWER – The Wolfgang TELEMONITOR® is configured for the standard USA Power arrangement – 110V/60Hz Power.     Use in locations outside of North America  sometimes require modifications to the Battery Backup (removal), if equipped, and different Power Cords for proper operation.  We will configure the power for any location with the appropriate modifications.  These modifications in some cases cause very slight shipping delays and in rare instances add a small additional cost.  We will discuss your needs when you call us and determine if there is any modifications required and what the charges are, if any.  International Power modification does NOT include a Battery Backup.  Additionally, preparing a TELEMONITOR for dual operation can be accomplished (it will work in North America and other parts of the world) but when used on 220-240V/50Hz these modifications will NOT include a Battery Backup.

16.  Q-Can I link several TELEMONITORs together?

A-Yes, it is very easy to link several TELEMONITORs together to provide several displays across the stage.  The Standard TELEMONITOR will require the Repeater Package option for $125 that will accommodate 3 additional displays.  This allows up to 3 EXTensions or other displays to be attached to the single Standard TELEMONITOR.  If you require more than 4 total displays onstage we can easily equip your system appropriately.  Call for pricing.  We have some customers with 7 displays on their stages, but there is really no limit to the number of displays.  There is distance constraint that sometimes is of a concern.  The EXTensions should not be more than 250 feet from the Standard TELEMONITOR.  We will help you determine the best configuration that suits you and will work best for you.  We can also provide a smaller repeater that only allows for one additional EXTension to be attached.  That smaller repeater package is an additional $99.

The OTR comes standard with the ability to control 1 onstage EXTension TELEMONITORs, but can be equipped to control 3 onstage EXTensions.

17.  Q-Do you provide VGA cable if required?

A-Yes we have VGA Cables that we can provide at a competitive price.  We charge $1/foot for standard lengths of 25, 50, and 75 feet.

18.  Q-How big is the display on the Wolfgang TELEMONITOR®?

A-All our wedge TELEMONITORs are equipped with a 22 inch diagonal display (it is 11.75″ x 18.75″).  Our Offstage OTR has a 22 inch diagonal display.

19.  Q-Do you have Road Cases for the Wolfgang TELEMONITOR®?

A-Yes we can provide you with a Road Cases for the Wolfgang TELEMONITOR® Standard Wedge products.  They are about $495 plus shipping and require a 3-4 week lead time for manufacture.  We do not have a Road Case designed an available for our wide view products.


20.  Q-How do I load my songs into the Standard software?

A-The standard display software is already loaded and operational on our Standard and OTR Wolfgang TELEMONITOR®s.  All you have to do is create a song file that will be displayed on the TELEMONITOR.  We suggest that you create your song file on your laptop or desktop (it is much easier than sitting with a 40 pound TELEMONITOR on your lap watching TV while creating your file, a laptop will be much more comfortable).  

You can use a MAC (64 Bit OS) or Windows laptop or desktop PC.  We provide you with detailed instructions to download and install the standard software onto your laptop or desktop PC.   After the song file is created you move the file from your laptop or desktop using a USB Flash Drive.  There are two USB port connections on the outside of the TELEMONITOR that can be used for this purpose.

Specifically to create the file there are two methods.  We provide you with Templates that you use with both methods.  Using the Templates you can (1) copy and paste the lyrics or text into the standard software from an existing digital format (ie.  Microsoft Word, Text, pdf or other format) or (2) type them directly into the template.  It is much quicker to use the copy and paste method.  We provide detailed instructions to do this function.  If you need personalized phone assistance we also provide that assistance FREE of charge.

21.  Q-With the Standard Display Software can I change the font size?

A-Yes the font size can be modified to suit your viewing needs.  The colors of the background and the text as well as the font type can also be changed to suit your needs.  Most customers use a lighter colored text and a black background.

22.  Q-You recommend optional software packages, why would I need them?

A-We suggest always starting out with the Standard Software to see if it meets your needs.  Other software recommendations have additional cost and are provided by other vendors.  We have tested some for compatibility and can help you install them, although we do not have any capability to modify other provider software.  Any other software’s are added by you after you purchase the TELEMONITOR.  Two that we currently recommend are Wolfgang – StagePrompt Pro and SongBook for Windows TELEMONINTORs and SetListHelper for the Android TELEMONITORs.

The recommended software allows for scrolling and may be something that you desire.  The Standard Software does not scroll, it is controlled page by page with the foot switch or handheld.

23.  Q-How do I control the songs?

A-The song file is controlled by a two (or optional four pedal) pedal foot switch that is connected to the TELEMONITOR and is included with our Standard Wolfgang TELEMONITOR®.  All Standard TELEMONITORs can be controlled by the included wireless keyboard too.  You can actually control the TELEMONITOR with either the foot switch or the wireless keyboard during the same performance.  We also can equip your system a hand held wireless controller.  We have two types that can be optionally provided – a premium hand held and a budget hand held controller.  The premium has a stronger signal and can work to longer distances.

A two (standard) pedal foot switch (fully programmable) is initially shipped and it provides great flexibility in song program control.  An optional four pedal foot switch allows for the ability to add ad hoc requests in addition to panning through the songs very quickly.  This also applies to the premium hand held.  The budget hand held is less flexible.  A two pedal foot switch is also available but less flexible.

A wireless two pedal foot switch is provided with our Android Products.

24.  Q-Does the lyrics or text scroll or do they advance page by page?

A-Working with our customers we have discovered that a non-scrolling software is best for most of our customers.  Scrolling software’s are sometimes hard to control from on stage by a performer.  Many times due to tempo variations the scrolling requires speeding up or slowing down to assure the proper lyric is on screen.  If you are to control it from the stage some fancy footwork may be required for even one beat per minute variations.  So our Standard Software is a page by page advancement.  

Our recommended optional software’s do scroll and are completely compatible with our system.  This is something that you can change to if you desire after trying out the Standard Software sometime in the future.

If you are going to have a technician from the crew control the displayed image, scrolling is much easier to control and we have a few recommendations for scrolling software with prices ranging from $50 to $500.


25.  Q-I am a MAC user, can I get the TELEMONITOR equipped with a Mac?

A-Yes we can equip the TELEMONITOR with a Mac processor.  That option is $799.

26.  Q-I am a Mac user, is the TELEMONITOR with its standard configuration compatible with the Mac world?

A-Yes the standard software can be loaded onto any Mac with a 64 Bit OS for song file development.  The file is then 100% compatible with the Standard Wolfgang TELEMONITOR® environment.  Approximately 25% of our customers are Mac owners and use their Mac to develop their song files.


27.  Q-Do you ship outside of the United States?

A-Yes we ship all over the world.  We have shipped many units all over Europe, Africa, Asia, South America, Oceania and North America (most have been shipped to the United States, Mexico and Canada).

28.  Q-How much does the shipping cost?

A-Our standard shipping (USPS 7-10 delivery in the US) is FREE to those in the Contiguous 48 United States.  There is an up charge for those in Alaska and Hawaii.  For all international shipments we use FedEx International Economy and the difference between the actual cost and the US cost basis is the calculated additional charge.  We will need the shipping address to give you a firm price for the additional shipping.

We do provide EXPEDITED FedEx Ground/Home service (3-4 days) to US customers for an additional $35 (not for Alaska or Hawaii – an up charge will apply).  We can provide EXPRESS services to any customer for our cost.  We also can use your shipping account if you desire. 

29.  Q-How long does the shipping usually take to receive a TELEMONITOR after purchase?

A-Standard shipping in the US via USPS Parcel Post is 7-10 days provided for no cost.  International shipping via FedEx International is 7-15 days, and depends greatly on how long it takes to clear Customs in the destination country, cost is determined upon order.

Expedited shipping in the US via FedEx Ground/Home service is 3-4 days for $35.  International shipping does not have an Expedited option.

30.  Q-What is the warranty?

A-Our warranty for New Stock is 1 year.  If you require assistance after 1 year – we typically can ship you necessary replacement parts for cost plus shipping, if you return us the defective piece.  We will also walk you through any installation required if you need our assistance.  We also cover demo, b-stock, and refurbished units with a one year warranty.

Express shipping in the US can provide delivery service as fast as overnight.  International Express can be delivered as fast as overnight.  These services are provided for an additional charge, calculated upon order.

We typically ship orders received before 2:30 pm US Central Time on the same day.

31.  Q-Are there any Sales Taxes that I have to pay to you?

A-At this time, if you live in the State of Kansas we will charge and collect sales tax.  Customers from other states do not have to pay sales tax to us.  International sales do not have to pay sales tax at this time either.  We collect sales tax for Road Case deliveries in Indiana, Kansas and Florida.

32.  Q-Are there any Duties, VATs or Sales Taxes that I have to pay to you for International shipments?

A-We do not charge or collect any International Duties, VATs or Sales Taxes at this time.  There may be duties assessed to you upon delivery by your countries Customs organization.  You will pay the duties or taxes directly to the delivery company or your countries Custom organization.


33.  Q-I have my own PC can I use it to control one of your TELEMONITORs?

A-Yes is the simple answer.  Using the VGA out (or optionally DVI out) from your PC you can connect it to one of our EXTENSION Wolfgang TELEMONITOR® Wide View Models with little modification to your PC.  The Classic can be used but may require additional hardware for your PC and/or some configuration modification to display properly.  You may need a foot switch or handheld controller if you require onstage control.  You will not need any additional controllers if someone from your offstage crew will be controlling the program.  We can provide Templates and software and will assist you in getting your configuration going if you need.  

34.  Q-Does your equipment work in a Karaoke environment?

A-Yes we have several Karaoke customers.  They typically use our EXTension Wolfgang TELELMONITOR® Wide View Models and attach them to their systems.

35.  Q-Does your equipment work as a Confidence Monitor?

A-Yes. Our wide view EXTension is the a favorite used in conference rooms as a Confidence Monitor (it can be configured with the standard VGA connection or an optional DVI connection).


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