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“The Wolfgang TELEMONITOR® in my opinion is the best in the business for one seeking the best in the area of vocal lyric aid, as well as they have complete customer service.  I use it and really love it, in fact our entire band and other bands we know of have these TELEMONITOR®s and we all love everything about them. The customer service is great, if any question pops up.  Well let’s just say this, try it for yourself ……… don’t just take my word.  Want the security of knowing what lyrics to sing?   And trust me guys and gals these are definitely worth the money!  I highly recommend it to any amateur as well as to any pro needing lyric assistance. Call em up get one I did and will again.  Sincerely”

Jeff Hall of the Critical Mass Band from Arkansas



“Couldn’t be happier! I’m one half of an acoustic duo out of Las Vegas, NV.  We play mostly restaurants, country clubs, and private parties. I’ve used music stands and iPads for lyrics in the past.  The Wolfgang TELEMONITOR® is worth every dime!  It’s always been easier to memorize song chord progressions rather than lyrics for me.  Many professional entertainers play the same 25 songs night after night, year after year.  Whether you are a weekend warrior or a steady working musician, the Wolfgang TELEMONITOR® allows you to have hundreds of songs at your disposal controlled by a foot pedal!  You’ll never get bored if you load in enough songs and neither will your audience!  They won’t have time to text (or play poker machines in my town) during your show if you are able to recall their favorite song on the TELEMONITOR.  Best musical investment I ever made.  Also, Main Street Dream Makers and their support folks are very patient with tech support.  Very much appreciated.”

Regan Wood, Pullin Strings Acoustic Duo – Regan Wood/ Bernie Hamburger from Las Vegas, NV  



“In a world where everything is automated and true customer service is non existent, it’s a breath of fresh air to deal with Gord and his company!  I ordered my TELEMONITOR after speaking with him and explaining to me how it worked. 
When I received it via FedEX, I noticed some damage to the unit and he explained that it was from the shipping and IMMEDIATELY resent another one.  He walked me through the software set up and has since been available to any and all questions I’ve had on the phone.  The unit works perfectly and has put my mind at ease on my gig when that feeling of a forgotten lyric is about to happen!!!!  This was such a great investment and LOVE the personal attention Gord gives to each and every customer!”   
Debbie Taylor from Miami, FL



“While I am not a seasoned professional, I knew when I made the decision to perform live music before crowds of people there were unexpected distractions and possible stage fright that could adversely affect my performance.  Those issues can easily cause the artist to forget his/her lyrics and result in the proverbial ‘train wreck’.  Audiences don’t forget train wrecks and the performer cannot afford to have one.  So I began to look for some sort of prompting device that would solve the problem.  That is when I found the Wolfgang TELEMONITOR®. When I first called Main Street Dream Makers, Gord took the time to discuss the product with me and while he never solicited the sale, I found myself buying before I hung up the phone.  I don’t consider myself impulsive, but I knew Gord knew what he was talking about.  The Wolfgang TELEMONITOR is what I have been looking for, but the best part of the experience is the support that Main Street Dream Makers and specifically Gord gave me in getting started. I was not, and am not, computer savvy, but they took the time necessary to teach me. Their customer service and support is just outstanding!  They don’t just want to sell you a TELEMONITOR.  They wants you to be able to use it, concentrate on your performance and avoid the nightmare of nightmares….the TRAIN WRECK!  Gord, thanks for everything!”

William R. Quattlebaum Jr. aka Ca$h Bled$oe from Georgia (March 2015)




JW – from West Virginia 



“Love my TELEMONITOR!  Several of my musician friends and colleagues have been “wowed” by the TM!  It is a vocalists best friend, providing a welcome security blanket while allowing me to focus on “owning the song!”  Rock on!”

Kevin – from Kentucky 



“Since purchasing the Wolfgang TELEMONITOR® my ability to perform has increased immensely.  No longer do I have to worry about memorizing lyrics.  It has been easy to use and the best money I have invested equipment in  a long time  –  Thanks”  

James Boraas – from Oregon 



“Well, I’ve been in bands for over 25 years to start this off.  My current band formed and we wanted to be different than all the other local talent in town.  That’s all well and good but it meant doing many songs I either have never heard or have never learned.  To top that off, we were able to get into clubs quickly, which meant learning QUICKLY!!  That’s when I found the Wolfgang TELEMONITOR®, the most awesome piece of equipment for the stage that I now own.  Very easy to use and set up for your needs on stage. customization for what you like is sooo easy.  Also, if you need any help, 24-7 service to answer and help you through any question!!  Thanks again!!”

TI – from Jacksonville, FL



“My name is Greg Davenport and I am the lead vocalist for a hard rock band called Ten Ton Crush, based out of Charleston, SC, and I am a proud owner of a Wolfgang TELEMONITOR®.  It works great!  It is easy to use, and it is supported by excellent customer service, the best that I have ever experienced.  It is very well constructed, and looks great on your stage.  As a vocalist I can say that it has completely taken away my fear of forgetting lyrics.  You can see the screen very well on a dark stage or a brightly lit one.  If you’re shopping for this kind of equipment, look no further, this is the one!  Thank you Gord for making this purchase easy, and for your great customer service! “

Greg Davenport – Lead Singer for Ten Ton Crush – Charleston, South Carolina 

facebook_logo TenTonCrush



“I would like to add that this piece of equipment has been a “God Send” for me…  I have all my songs on the TELEMONITOR and it provides me with reassurance  that I will have all my lyrics right, for sole purposes for when or if I have a momentarily lapse of reason, and forget my lyrics.  The footswitch makes it easy to go from one song to the next without anyone really knowing what I’m doing, as the equipment is easily camouflaged among the monitor’s on the stage.  Setting up the computer system was really easy, it made a lot more sense once I received the equipment and was able to access the formats that were already provided to input the lyrics to my songs.  TELEMONITOR rocks!  I am really glad that I spent the time and money to research this product. Thanks Gord for providing me with what I needed to be a confident entertainer.”

Steve Smith – Singer/Songwriter for Caliber Red from Arizona 



“Howdy Doody’s,  

Rosco here from “The Rockabillys”, I’m a crooner y’know an with an ever changing song-list and jamming with buddies, and I couldn’t remember the lyrics cause my memory has always been terrible, so I decided to do something about it. On the internet I found The Wolfgang TELEMONITOR® and did my homework before layin’ down the cold cash.

Well folks, good news, after 3 live gigs and (too many) jamming sessions, this ol’ thing works and works good!  Some songs I just need the key, but others (new ones), without enough practices with your band, this little gem may seem like a “reminder” or “lifeline” depending on your set-list and memory. 

So glad that I just have my ol’ folder with the clear folders and my music stand in my “just in case” bag nearby.

Just for kicks I done put some photos with this here e-mail. 

Yours Respectfully,”

Dave “Rosco” Orosco – Singer/Rhythm Guitarist – The Rockabillys from California 



“I realize how long its been since I have received my TELEMONITOR from Wolfgang, and can’t believe I have neglected for this long to say what needs to be said about this fantastic piece of musical ingenuity.

First things first, this thing is Stealth beyond Stealth.  Throw it in between a couple of floor monitors and it becomes just another piece of equipment… Secondly, it is not difficult to learn to use… if you run into any problems, you have assistance any time of the day, and you get to talk to a real live person. When does that ever happen??

The pressure of having to memorize the lyrics to 50 or 100 songs is not very fun, especially on the night of your gig, but with the complete sense of security that the TELEMONITOR brings, brings a HUGE boost of confidence and gives one the upper hand on show night.  Absolutely everyone that has had the “Privilege” to see my monitor has thought it was plain and simply, “Very Cool!!!” I remember the first night I used it Live… and I don’t ever remember feeling that calm and confident at a show.

And that’s all there is to it folks…. It IS all that its cracked up to be and then some… If you don’t believe me, just re-read all the other reviews. They are all true.!!!

I once again thank you for all your help and support, and it is so great to know you’re there for me 24/7 if something should ever go wrong…

I would definitely recommend this to any musician/Singer/ songwriter/Guitar player. Worth every penny!!!

Cheers!!!! Wayne from Maine!!!”

Wayne from Maine 



“I am so impressed with my TELEMONITOR.  Very high quality components, easy to use and by far the best support I’ve ever experienced.  Helped me walk thru the software and spent almost an hour explaining everything to me.  Can’t say enough good things about the unit and the owners commitment to help out in any way he can.  10 out of 10 in my book.  Great job guys! “

Mike Krauser  from Chicago, IL 



“Gig’d with it for the first time… incredible … (second time) this weekend’s gigs, two nights of five set, 58 song playing.   This venue had a smallish front of stage, so we placed the TELEMONITOR on a beer crate to improve the sight-lines.  The profile from the audience remained low key and was presumed to be a vocal monitor.  We love this piece of gear – It has definitely allowed us to introduce new material, including originals, tighter and faster.   It sets up quickly, is easy to use both live and in preparation, and saves us the time and awkwardness of taping up set lists and/or “cheat sheets.”   Most of all, it is innocuous to the audience both from their viewing perspective and when band members give it a quick glance mid song…Calling it a safety net isn’t really accurate; its more the fact that the Wolfgang TELEMONITOR® provides a “comfort zone” that translates into aggressive, composed and confident performing. So glad that we researched your company and took the leap of faith!”

JD of Cherry Bombs from MI 

facebook_logoTHE CHERRY BOMBS



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