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Car Talker

The Wolfgang – Flicker Car Talker®  is a device that you use at car shows to share a message about your car.  The system can hold up to two and a half minutes of High Fidelity Audio (or 5 minutes if your audiophile needs are less).  Some customers use it to tell a story about the car, maybe how you got it and what you did to restore it.  Others tell some specifics about the car with highlights about the impact it made when it was introduced new, and still others share its provenance.  Anything you can think about saying about your car in that two and a half minutes can be your message.

We provide you with instructions on how to record and prepare a .wav audio file for your Car Talker on your PC. The instructions also include the process to download it to your Car Talker from your PC.  That is all you have to do to set it up, then you are ready for a car show.

At the show all you have to do is set it up near your car, plug the speaker into it and turn it on.  The Car Talker will do the rest.  It has a motion detector so when somebody comes up to the car, your message begins.  It will play to the end and if the crowd has moved down the aisle, it will wait for another car enthusiast to trigger the motion detector.  At the end of the show, shut it off, store it in your trunk and when you get home charge it for the next show.

It has an on-board battery that allows for up to 8 hours of play, which should be more than enough for a single day event car show.  There is an off/on switch that allows you to deactivate it when not in use, and there is a charger that comes with it so you can charge the Car Talker when you get your Classic back home or to the hotel.

Included with every Wolfgang – Flicker Car Talker® – Yours for $ 325.00 delivered in the lower 48 United States.

  1. A portable and self contained Car Talker Base Unit
    • Battery that will easily last for an entire single day car show
    • Integral amplifier to control the outboard speaker
    • On – Off/Charge switch
    • Integral motion detector
    • Up to 5 minutes of recorded audio circuit board
  2. Cable for downloading the .wav file from your PC
  3. Battery Charger
  4. Speaker with speaker cable

We can also provide professional recording services using experienced Script Readers to read, record, and mix your recording.  We can either do it from a script you write or we can get some thoughts from you and create a script for your approval.  After approval we will record it and provide you with a product again for your final approval.  After you are 100% satisfied with the recording we can even load it on the Car Talker before shipping it to you.  Our Audio Recording services are $35 per hour with a minimum charge of $35.

We typically expect to keep units on the shelf ready to ship.  We can ship one if you don’t need our recording services in a day.  If you want our recording services depending on the availability of our voice over talent, and script approval it will typically be 7-10 days for shipment.  There are some instances where there can be up to a 3-4 week delay in delivery if we restocking our product components.

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For more information or if you have any questions submit a form to us from our Car Talker Contact Page, providing us with a phone number and email so we can get our response to you as soon as we can.

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