Technical Specifications Wolfgang TELEMONITOR® Windows and EXTension ONLY

Technical Specifications

Technical Data for Wolfgang TELEMONITOR® Windows and EXTension ONLY

  • Intel Atom Processor or AMD equivalent (typically 1.6 GHz or greater) (not included in EXTension Model)
  • Minimum 30 GB Solid State Drive or 40 GB Hard Drive (not included in EXTension Model)
  • Minimum 1 GB Memory (not included in EXTension Model)
  • VGA or DVI, LAN and 3-4 USB 2.0 ports (not included in EXTension Model) 1 or 2 ports accessed from external ports on cabinet, depending on processor.
  • NVIDIA graphics card or similar  (not included in EXTension Model)
  • 22″ diagonal LCD Display
    • Display resolution 1680×1050
    • Display brightness 250 cd/m2 (nits)
    • Display viewing angle 160-170 degrees
    • 16.7 Million Colors
    • LED Backlit LCD Monitor
    • ECO friendly
  • Keyboard with integral touch pad mouse or integral joy stick mouse or integral roller ball mouse. (not included in EXTension Model)
  • 2 pedal footswitch (Our optional 4 pedal footswitch are no longer availble) (not included in EXTension Model)
  • Exterior Cabinet mounted USB 2.0 Connections (1 or 2 ports accessed from external ports on cabinet, depending on processor).  Also VGA port attachment only with Repeater Package option and VGA port attachment for EXTension Models
  • Microsoft Windows  (not included in EXTension Model)
  • Display Software for Lyrics/Text (not included in EXTension Model)
  • Approximate Cabinet/Enclosure dimensions STANDARD Wedge – 25″ deep, 14.75″ wide and 17.75″ high (longest dimensions with TELEMONITOR in standard orientation)
  • Approximate Cabinet/Enclosure dimensions Wide View Wedge – 19″ deep, 21.5″ wide, and 16.5″ high (longest dimensions with TELEMONITOR in standard orientation)
  • Assembled weight – approximately 40 pounds (Standard and Wide View Wedge)
  • Cabinet Powered Cross-flow ventilation  (not included in EXTension Model)
  • All our NON ANDROID TELEMONITORs are 100% compatible with Mac devices for file development
  • Cabinet constructed of multi-ply Baltic Birch plywood
  • Operating Temperature Range 50 to 100 degrees F
  • Integral battery backup (optionally included (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) units allow for approximately 15 minutes processor backup time (NOT INSTALLED ON  INTERNATIONAL 220-240V/50Hz TELEMONITORs.)

International Power

The Wolfgang TELEMONITOR® is configured for the standard USA Power arrangement – 110V/60Hz Power. Use in locations outside of North America sometimes require modifications to the Battery Backup (removal) ,if equipped and different Power Cords for proper operation. We will configure the power for any location with the appropriate modifications. These modifications in some cases cause very slight shipping delays and in rare instances add a small additional cost. We will discuss your needs when you call us and determine if there is any modifications required and what the charges are, if any. International Power modification does NOT include a Battery Backup (Optionally available). Additionally, preparing a TELEMONITOR for dual operation can be accomplished (it will work in North America and other parts of the world) but when used on 220-240V/50Hz these modifications will NOT include a Battery Backup. *Optional items are provided at an additional charge. Some items will be priced at time of order. **If you have any specific requests or items not listed, call to see if they may be accommodated.

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