Wolfgang TELEMONITOR® Classic Windows Wedge


Standard Features:

  • This product is being discontinued, it is available in limited quantities in a CUSTOM Build Order ONLY at this time
  • Portrait Oriented 22″ Diagonal Display
  • Sleek Cabinet Design with Rugged Exterior Polymer Finish
  • Processor with Windows OS
  • Wireless Keyboard – May be different than one pictured
  • WIFI Equipped
  • Removable Plexiglas Shield
  • Protective Lid (used during transport)
  • 2 Pedal wired Foot-switch for Set List Control
  • Lyric Display Software

Options Available 

  • Substitute a Radio Frequency (RF) Wireless 2 pedal footswitch – an additional $50
  • Integral Battery Backup for Processor – an additional $100 (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)
  • 4 Port Repeater Package – an additional $150
  • 2 Port Repeater Package – an additional $100
  • Repeater Cable – $1/foot (provided in standard lengths of 25′, 50’and 75′)
  • Add a Wolfgang TELEMONITOR EXTension – an additional $650
  • Premium Handheld Controller – an additional $150
  • Budget Handheld Controller – an additional $55
  • MAC Processor – an additional $799
  • Our four pedal wired footswitch is no longer available

Here are a few pictures showing what the TELEMONITOR / Teleprompter Wedge Model looks like, highlighting the features and options.  Elegantly simple and very rugged construction to be there when you need it.  THE Teleprompter for the Working Musician.   All of our products are compatible with either Mac or Windows environments. 

Our WINDOWs versions have been DISCONTINUED as a stocked item and are only available in very limited quantities on a custom build basis.  Look into our Android TELEMONITORs they should be perfect for your needs.

The TELEMONITORs 22″ screen can be oriented using different facets of the cabinet to allow for a variety of views. Common placement is seen directly above at an approximate 35 degree screen orientation – typical for the common audio monitor wedge. The TM can be set on another facet to have the screen at approximately 55 degrees (seen directly below) or on another facet it can be at 90 degrees/perpendicular to the surface it is sitting on (further below). This allows for use of the wedge by drummers, keyboard players or anybody in the band, and best of all it still looks like it belongs there on stage.

The Wolfgang TELEMONITOR® is a tool for working musicians. It helps you with getting those lyrics right all the time and best of all it is virtually stealth sitting on stage. Designed to assist you with all your performances (Font, Background and Text Color are easily changed to meet your desires). Any time or place where a stage prompter is necessary – you can now have the Wolfgang TELEMONITOR®. Elegantly simple and very rugged construction to be there when you need it. THE Teleprompter for the Working Musician. 


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Wireless Keyboard

The Standard Wolfgang TELEMONITOR® is accessed by a wireless keyboard and a two pedal USB wired footswitch – both are included with the standard models (our four pedal USB footswitch is no longer available). The footswitch attaches to a USB 2.0 port located on the side cabinet (1 or 2 ports accessed from external ports on cabinet, depending on processor). The USB port can also be used to attach thumb/flash drives, CD/DVD drives, or other USB devices (not included). Find some examples of the wireless keyboard/mouse/trackball that may be included with your TELEMONITOR. We used different suppliers, and you may receive these or equivalent mini wireless keyboards. These are representative examples only.

Plexiglas shield

Each wedge unit has a Plexiglas shield too. It is removable for easy access to the monitor. This helps with any maintenance activities like cleaning the monitor or shield.

Removable Door Panel

Additionally, there is a removable door panel lid that covers the monitor during transport. This feature is designed to keep the monitor safe during transportation. 

The ANDROID Wolfgang TELEMONITOR® Touch (Autocue) can help with any lyric assistance you may need.   Contact us today and we can have one ready for your next gig. 


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