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Wolfgang TELEMONITOR® Android Jumbo 27 Touch


Standard Features:

  • Portrait or Landscape Oriented 27″ Diagonal TOUCH SCREEN Display
  • Adjustable Folding Bracket Stand
  • The Plexiglas Surround shown in some pictures is NOT INCLUDED, it is shown to suggest one way to shield the back of the TELEMONITOR if desired
  • All Winner Octa Core 1.8GHz Processor
  • 10 point capacitive TOUCH SCREEN
  • Android OS
  • Wireless Keyboard – May be different than one pictured
  • WIFI equipped
  • 2 Pedal Bluetooth Foot-switch for Set List Control
  • Includes Free Shipping in USA Lower 48 States.
  • Setlist Helper Lyric Software licensed and installed
  • Other Android Apps can be used like BandHelper, SongBookPro and others

Options Available

  • Substitute a Bluetooth 4 pedal footswitch for the standard Bluetooth 2 pedal footswitch – an additional $75 (Not Available on eBay, ETSY and Bonanza)
  • Outfit a Jumbo 27 Touch with an HDMI Port for single Wolfgang TELEMONITOR® EXTension – an additional $150 (Not Available on eBay, ETSY, and Bonanza)
  • Add up to one Wolfgang TELEMONITOR® EXTension – an additional $650 with purchase of Android 27 Touch (Not Available on eBay, ETSY, and Bonanza)
  • Signal Booster and/or Cable to attach Wolfgang TELEMONITOR® EXTension – is available at an additional amount at Market Price (Not Available on eBay, ETSY, and Bonanza)
  • GATOR CASE PADDED NYLON TOTE BAG that will fit your Android Wolfgang TELEMONITOR® Touch – Jumbo 27 perfectly – is available at an additional amount at Market Price, to be drop shipped from supplier. (Not Available on eBay, ETSY, and Bonanza)

The Wolfgang TELEMONITOR® Android Jumbo 27 Touch is tool for working musicians. This help you with getting those lyrics right all the time and best of all they are virtually stealth sitting on stage. Designed to assist you with all your performances (Font Size and Background are easily changed to meet your desires).   Any time or place where a stage prompter is necessary – you can now have the Wolfgang TELEMONITOR® Android Jumbo 27 Touch.

INTERNATIONAL POWER – The Wolfgang TELEMONITOR® is configured for the standard USA Power arrangement – 110V/60Hz Power.     Use in locations outside of North America  sometimes require modifications to the Battery Backup if equipped (removal or replacement with a different unit) and different Power Cords for proper operation.  We will configure the power for any location with the appropriate modifications.  These modifications in some cases cause very slight shipping delays and add a small additional cost.  We will discuss your needs when you call us and determine if there is any modifications required and what the charges are, if any.  International Power modification typically does NOT include a Battery Backup.  Additionally, preparing a TELEMONITOR for dual operation can be accomplished (it will work in North America and other parts of the world) but when used on 220-240V/50Hz these modifications will NOT include a Battery Backup.  We need to understand all your needs to be able to explain how things will work in different areas of the globe.


You won’t have to pay Sales Tax if shipped outside of Kansas when calling us directly.  You will always pay Sales Taxes on ETSY, EBAY and BONANZA, due to their overall sales volume, additionally the prices on ETSY, BONANZA and EBAY are at least 15% more than purchasing directly by calling the numbers below.  This is due to the additional fees we have to pay when using those sites.

1-800-841-9960 / +1 913-232-9299

Jumbo 27 Not Sold Online At This Time
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Wireless Keyboard / Footswitch

The Wolfgang TELEMONITOR® Android Jumbo 27 Touch is accessed by a wireless keyboard, touch screen or a two pedal Bluetooth Footswitch setup – all are included with the Wolfgang TELEMONITOR® Android Jumbo 27 Touch.  Find an example of the supplied AirTurn footswitch.

Find an example of the wireless keyboard/mouse/trackball that will be included with your TELEMONITOR.  We used different suppliers, and you may receive this or equivalent mini wireless keyboards.  This is a representative example only.

Adjustable Stand

Additionally, these TELEMONITORs will NOT be mounted in a cabinet like our other TELEMONITORs, primarily because the cabinet with the installed TELEMONITOR Touch Screen would end up weighing over 65 pounds and at a very unwieldy size.  So they will come with an adjustable stand attached to the back of the TELEMONITOR that can be Set Either in Portrait or Landscape Mode, and at many different angle configurations, to satisfy your viewing and stage needs

OPTION FOR ORDER – It is also possible connect one of these Android Wolfgang TELEMONITOR® Android 27’s to a single Wolfgang TELEMONITOR® EXTension. The EXTension will display the same information that is on the Android 27 on a non-Touch screen someplace else on stage. Distance limitations on cable length exist. Signal boosters may be required, and cable between the Android Air Touch and the EXTension will be required. 

*Footswitch and Keyboard are examples only, the one included may be different than pictured. Two Pedal Footswitch is included, the Optional 4 Pedal Footswitch is also available.


(OR YOU CAN CALL +1  913-232-9299)

The ANDROID Wolfgang TELEMONITOR® Touch (Autocue) can help with any lyric assistance you may need.   Contact us today and we can have one ready for your next gig.