Below you will see videos related to our various products. We will show our Android Air Touch, Android 22, Android Jumbo 24/27 and the SetListHelper App that is used on all our Android TELEMONITORs. We also have included immediately below an Audio ONLY Overview of our company, Main Street Dream Makers LLC, and our most popular products.

Product videos

Android Air TOUCH Product Video
Android 22 TOUCH Product Video
Android 24/27 TOUCH Product Video


Set List Helper is an App that you can find on the Google PlayStore and there is also an IOS version. With your Android TELEMONITOR you will receive the the full featured Set List Helper Android App as part of your purchase. Below are some videos showing you basic operations that you will need to start using your TELEMONITOR. To view them it is best to start at the top and go through the ninth video. Set List Helper also has an extensive library of tutorials showing different features and functions that are part of the App. Click here to go to the SetListHelper website to see their Help Section. There is a wealth of information to help you with the Set List Helper App, scroll down on the Set List Helper website to see the various topics covered.

Set List Helper Introduction
Set List Helper Song Manipulation
Set List Helper More Song Manipulation
Set List Helper Syncing
Set List Helper Setup Set Lists
Set List Helper New Set List
Set List Helper Insert Song into Set List
Set List Helper Integrating It All
Set List Helper Finer Points and Thank You

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